The Blog

The Life Investors was started as a platform by two middle-class Singaporeans to share their life experiences. This blog would mainly be centred around the topic of investing, both financially and in one’s health. In addition, readers can also expect to find random posts about our thoughts and experiences in life. At the end of the day, we hope that through our posts, readers would be inspired to live a purposeful life in exactly the way they want to. After all, what is life if you are constantly living by the decisions and expectations of others but yourself?

If you happen to find any of the posts informative, inspiring or interesting do let us know by dropping a comment! Do not be afraid to leave bad comments too (just keep it civil ya). We welcome all forms of constructive feedback or criticisms so that we can improve and provide even more value to our readers. As such, never be shy to leave comments after each post, we promise to read all of them!

Now let’s meet the main writers on this blog.

The Contributors

Jax – An average joe Singaporean born in the 90s with a goal of living a simple and fulfilling life. He also has an unhealthy habit of needing to eat minced meat noodles once a week. A firm believer of thinking rationally, living an active and healthy lifestyle, and building wealth sustainably. Started his investing journey by first buying SGS bonds and the STI ETF, before finally venturing into individual stocks. Currently vested in a few SG stocks, Bonds, REITs, ETFs and Gold. He is looking to build a global investment portfolio to achieve an annual dividend yield of at least 4%. Ultimately aims to be able to make a positive impact on society.

Rayson – Born a free spirit, I often find myself treading on the fine lines of being a visionary and a dreamer. What differentiates the former from the latter is the ability to act on these dreams. It’s much easier said than done. About 99% of my ideas, remained ideas… But fret not, we are all born with an ability to grow. If we act on that 1% and be 1% better every day, we will be surprised to learn that we will be 37 times better by the end of the year! Allow the effects of compounding work to your benefit. We all have great ideas, the challenge to surmount is how you translate those castles in the air into tangible actions. Just like the motto of a great English Football Club, To Dare Is To Do?. Writing helps to consolidate my thoughts as we deal with and process a deluge of information every day. I hope it will help add some value and inspire you to find your own success.

I have just one goal. To be financially free as soon as possible so as to unshackle myself from the temptations of power and greed and pursue a life of purpose.