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In my previous post, I wrote about my switch to using the Brave browser instead of Google Chrome. Additionally, I also mentioned how you can earn BAT by viewing ads in the Brave browser.

For this short post, I will highlight how you can use your earned BAT to support this blog. Treat this post as a sort of supplement to my writeup about the Brave browser. I did not want to make the previous post too long.

BAT over ads

If you have been here for a while, you would notice that I do not run ads on this blog. Instead, I plan to receive BAT as a form of monetary incentive. There are two main reasons for this.

A more conducive reading experience

Let’s face it, for most of us, having ads embedded in online articles can be a tad irritating. Depending on how these ads are displayed, they can also sometimes be super intrusive to the reader.

Personally, I find that displaying ads in articles can potentially disrupt one’s flow of reading. I for one have lost count of the number of times I have skipped articles that contained too many ads. It was just not a very pleasant experience seeing ads popping up multiple times in an article.

From my experiences with online articles, I definitely do not want to replicate the negative aspects for my readers. To me, there is really no point in spending hours or days researching and writing articles, only for people not to read them due to the display of ads.

Yes, although the display of ads can definitely kickstart the process of monetising this blog, I still prioritise the user experience above monetary gains. Thus, I feel that contributing through BAT would be a more user-friendly option than ads.

A safer browsing experience

I’m sure many of us have witnessed dubious ads when we are browsing the internet. Some of these ads promise great riches or are just downright scammy in nature. Additionally, some ads even have built-in malware that infects users when they click on the ad link.

By centring the monetary aspect of this blog around BAT, I eliminate the possibility that my readers would be negatively affected by such ads. Well, at least not be affected by my site.

As a website owner, I feel that I have the responsibility to not let my site become a gateway or medium for potential scammers or malicious hackers. Switching to a voluntary payment system allows me to keep this site clean and proper.

All in all, by setting up a BAT contribution system, I am providing a safer and more honest platform for my readers.

How to contribute BAT

Having covered my rationale of adopting a BAT contribution system, I will now detail how exactly you can contribute your BAT to this blog.

Step 1: You will have to first download the Brave browser.

Step 2: Go to or any page related to it.

Step 3: Click on the BAT icon (the triangle circled in the image below).

Step 4: You should see this site as a verified creator and your BAT balance (I blanked out mine in the image). You can then send a tip to this blog.

Last step: Choose how much you wanna donate and that’s it!

Currently, I have set the donation limit to the lowest amount. Also, do note that the donated amount would come from the your available BAT balance.


Before ending this post, I would like to remind my readers that BAT contributions are truly VOLUNTARY. You need not feel pressured to donate at all.

For as long as it is sustainable, I will continue providing materials on this blog free of charge. That would be my promise to my readers.

Nevertheless, if you choose to donate I will definitely appreciate the gesture! It also provides additional validation to me that this blog indeed provides valuable information to my readers.

See you guys in the next post as I return to writing something more typical of this blog…

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