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How I earn $600 by doing surveys

Having written three straight posts on REITs analysis, I think a break is well-deserved😅. For this post, I will be sharing how I earn around $600 every year through online surveys.

Yes yes, I know…$600 is not a huge sum of money (it’s only $50 a month). But hey if it is a convenient and foolproof way to earn some cash why not right? Besides, there are times where you can earn more than just $600 annually😉.

Having been doing surveys for around two years now, I will share how I got into it, my experience so far, some of the survey sites I use and finally how you can earn more than just $600 annually.

Before proceeding any further, let me just put forth a small disclaimer first…

Disclaimer: This post contains referral links to survey sites. Clicking on such links and signing up with the relevant sites may provide certain incentives to me. These incentives may include extra points for me whenever you complete a survey or a straight-up monetary incentive to me. If you do not like signing up through such links, you can always sign up via the survey site itself. Don’t worry I won’t bear any grudges:)

With that out of the way, let’s delve right in.

How I got into doing surveys

To be honest, it was never an intentional decision on my part to earn money doing surveys. Rather I just chanced upon a few sponsored youtube videos by Opinion World from some of my regularly watched youtube channels. I then thought to myself why not just give it a shot? After all, I was also looking for extra side income apart from just my daily salaried job.

I only started becoming more serious about doing surveys online when I got my first payout of $15 from Opinion World. And mind you, the payout came after roughly only a month of doing surveys here and there.

After the first payout, I realized that hey this could be a viable way to earn some extra income. Thus, I started exploring other similar survey sites to increase the amount of income earned from surveys. Till date, I’m currently a survey panelist with 12 different survey sites.

My experience so far

Having been doing surveys for two years now, I can say that it does have its pros and cons. Let’s start with the good things first.

The good

Firstly, surveys can be done conveniently as long as there is an internet connection. This means that you can multitask and earn some small income while doing daily activities such as commuting to work.

Secondly, it’s free and easy. As survey sites send out emails regarding new surveys, you have control about whether you wish to do them or not. Additionally, signing up as a survey panelist is also free and does not require any upfront payment.

Lastly, payouts are confirmed once you redeemed them. This means that once you exchange your points for cash, the cash would definitely be delivered to you. Of course, this is only applicable to legit survey sites. While the waiting duration might differ between different survey sites, it remains a gurantee that you would receive the payout in the end.

The bad

Now, for the bad parts about doing surveys, it is mainly geared towards inconveniences and having realistic expectations.

First up, surveys itself does not pay much. On average, a typical survey pays around $1. Of course, this is also dependant on the length of the survey and the survey site itself. Based on a per hour basis, doing surveys is also not worthwhile as you would earn much more from doing a part-time job. As such, do not expect yourself to get rich doing surveys. Rather, treat it as a way to earn a little extra every month.

Secondly, you would not qualify for every survey. Although new surveys are added to survey sites daily, you might not qualify for all the surveys due to certain demographic requirements. As such, survey earnings per month might differ based on the number of surveys you are qualified for.

Lastly, it can get repetitive and mundane. Being a member of 12 survey sites myself, there are times where the surveys are repeated across multiple sites. While I still get paid doing them, it does get a little boring since the same survey is being done over a few times. Personally, for me, it does not really affect me that much. However, for some, it can reduce their motivation to complete the surveys due to boredom over the same questions being asked.

All in all, my experience with doing surveys as been alright so far. This is mainly due to the fact that I feel that my time spent justifies the amount that is paid out. Should this change in the future, such as surveys paying out less, I might reconsider my choice of doing surveys to earn extra income.

Surveys sites which I use

Having highlighted the pros and cons of doing surveys, I will touch on the surveys sites that I am currently using. These survey sites would be ranked, based on my own experience with them, from best to worst.

Note: There will be referral links in this portion of the post

1) Toluna

Toluna has to be my favourite survey site for now.

Not only does it have a steady supply of surveys, but it also gives extra points to its panelists through games and creating quality content. Yes, you get awarded points for creating your own community poll!

Furthermore, it also has a customer insight program where extra points are awarded just for using your mobile device or computer.

In terms of earnings per survey, it remains the highest out of all the survey sites that I’m currently using.

Earning rate per survey: $1.25 to $2

Minimum payout amount: $20

Referral link:

2) LifePoints

After Toluna, LifePoints would be my second favourite survey site. The only reason why it was not first was due to Toluna’s customer insight program which awards lots of free points for practically doing nothing.

Similar to Toluna, LifePoints also gives out a constant stream of surveys daily. However, its earnings per survey is a little lower than that of Toluna. This is slightly mitigated by its lower minimum payout threshold.

Earning rate per survey: $0.63 to $2

Minimum payout amount: $5

Sign up link:

3) PrizeRebel

Next up on the list, we have PrizeRebel. As compared to other survey sites, PrizeRebel offers the most ways to earn points. These can range from completing really short surveys to downloading and using certain programs or apps.

Despite having many methods to earn points, PrizeRebel only comes in third place for me as I often do not qualify for its surveys for some reason or another. However, PrizeRebel still offers a pretty high earning rate should you qualify and complete its surveys. Furthermore, it also helps that the payout is in USD, thus providing some currency advantage in that sense.

Earning rate per survey: $0.73 USD

Minimum payout amount: $5 USD

Referral link:

4) Rakuten Insight

In comparing PrizeRebel and Rakuten Insight, there is actually not much difference. However, PrizeRebel ranks higher as its payout is in USD.

Rakuten Insight used to be one of my favourite survey sites to go to when I first started exploring doing online surveys. However, it is no longer the case after Rakuten Insight changed its rewards program and increased the minimum required payout threshold. Furthermore, I also feel that the frequency of surveys has decreased over time.

Nevertheless, it still remains a reputable survey site and does offer some nice payouts, albeit lesser than before.

Earning rate per survey: $1 to $2

Minimum payout amount: $5

Sign up link:

5) Opinion World

Ahh, my very first survey site. Although it used to be able to give out $15 per month, it has since decreased in frequency to around $15 per every two months.

The only good thing about OpinionWorld as of now is that there is not much processing time for its payout. As compared to other survey sites where the processing time can take up to a month, OpinionWorld only takes at most one working day.

Earning rate per survey: $0.90 to $1.80

Minimum payout amount: $15

Sign up link:

6) Opini

For now, I rank Opini as a ‘good to have’ survey site. The reason for this is due to the rather low frequency of its surveys. Even if I do get qualified for its surveys, I often get rejected due to compatibility issues or the survey already reaching its quota.

Nevertheless, it still does have legit payouts, like maybe once every four months.

Earning rate per survey: $0.32 to $1.28

Minimum payout amount: $16

Sign up link:

7) YouGov

Out of all the survey sites that I am a member of, YouGov is perhaps the most recognizable and reputable. Alas, all that reputation does not equate to a higher frequency of surveys. On average, I only receive around three surveys each month from YouGov.

On the bright side, I have yet to not qualify for a survey that I was matched with by YouGov. At least I can be assured that my effort to do the survey would not be wasted.

Earning rate per survey: $0.30 to $1.20

Minimum payout amount: $25

Referral link:

8) Surveytime

Out of all the survey sites, I consider Surveytime to be the most convenient one. Payouts are almost instantaneously and survey frequency is also on the high side. The only downside to it is that I do not qualify for most of its surveys. Still, the payout being in USD is a nice addition to have.

Earning rate per survey: $0.50 to $1 (USD)

Minimum payout amount: Nil

Referral link:

9) Viewfruit

Similar to Opini, Viewfruit is also one survey site which is ‘good to have’. In terms of frequency, it is on par with that of Toluna. The only difference is that I rarely qualify for those surveys due to their demographic requirements. Hence, I haven’t earned much from Viewfruit yet.

However, the payouts remain legit and perhaps you would have more luck than me with regards to the demographic requirements.

Earning rate per survey: $0.40 to $0.80 (USD)

Minimum payout amount: $5

Referral link:

10) The Panel Station

The reason why The Panel Station ranks so low on my survey list is due to its payout and survey qualification rate.

While the earlier survey sites all pay out via Paypal to your balance amount, The Panel Station instead gives out Visa gift cards. This means that the gift card can only be added as a mode of payment in Paypal and thus does not automatically adds to the balance amount. This is an inconvenience if you want to simply cash out the gift card.

In order to cash out the gift card, one has to create another Paypal account and transfer the cash over to their own Paypal. Too much trouble for $5 USD if u ask me. Furthermore, transferring money from another Paypal incurs a fee with Paypal, thus you would only be effectively receiving $4.50 USD from the whole process.

While The Panel Station often sends out huge numbers of surveys to me, I hardly often qualify for them. Hence, it is similar to the situation I face with Viewfruit.

Nevertheless, I still managed to earn around $25 USD from The Panel Station in about a year and a half as a survey panelist.

Earning rate per survey: $0.03 to $0.83 (USD)

Minimum payout amount: $5

Sign up link: (Extra 500 points promo code: 6WGNE7)

11) Opinion Bureau

Opinion Bureau is my worst current survey site which pays out via Paypal. Now don’t get me wrong, it does have a legit payout system and it also pays out directly to my Paypal balance. Furthermore, it does have a pretty alright survey frequency.

So why does it deserve my personal worst survey site? My main issue with it is that I have yet to even complete one survey on the site despite being a panelist for a year!

While they had send me quite a few surveys, I was never able to qualify for them. Thus, I had been relying on polls which gives out 5 points each time. (You require 1000 points to cash out).

The bright side to this is that you are given $5 straightaway upon joining the site. However, you would still require $10 to cash out. For those who are willing to try this survey site out, you can use my referral link below.

Earning rate per survey: I have absolutely no idea

Minimum payout amount: $10

Referral link:

12) HappyDot

Although Happydot is the last on the list, it is by no means the worst survey site. The reason why I covered it last was due to its pay out being in vouchers instead of cash.

In terms of survey frequency, it is similar to YouGov, so around three surveys per month. Till date, I have qualified for all the surveys that were sent to me.

Another unique point about HappyDot is that the surveys are heavily local-influenced. This means that the surveys mainly touch upon topics either in or about Singapore.

All in all, I would recommend being a panelist for HappyDot, if you can find a use for the vouchers.

Earning rate per survey: $0.80 to $1.20

Minimum payout amount: $10 E-voucher (Dairy Farm or Uniqgift)

Sign up link:

(If you are interested in the referral sign up, let me know your name in the comments section. An email sign up will then be subsequently sent to the email that u commented with)

Boosting survey earnings

The easiest way to increase survey earnings is to simply increase the survey sites you sign up with. However, this method might not be sustainable in the long run as you would suffer from survey fatigue.

If you are looking for more sustainable ways, I would say go for referral programs and focus interviews.

I would not be going through referral programs much since its quite self-explanatory. You get bonus points when you invite people to sign up via your referral link.

In the case of focus interviews, they are often rare in occurrence. Focus interviews are basically face-to-face surveys with certain companies. Normally you would only get invited for such interviews after having been filling up surveys for some time.

When you do get invited, I would strongly suggest you attend them as they actually pay quite well. For my past focus interviews, the amount paid ranged from $15 to $80 for 1 hour of focus group dialogue.

To raise your chances of getting invited for such dialogues, always pick the option of ‘allowing survey companies to contact you in the future’ at the end of surveys. While I’m not 100% sure if it directly affects the chance of getting invited, I like to think it does play a part😅.


All things considered, doing surveys online should not be a main source for anyone period. Rather treat it has something extra to do during your free time.

For it to be sustainable in the long run, you need to find your own comfortable rate in doing surveys. Personally, for me, I spend at most an hour (most of the time lesser) each day just scrolling through the various survey sites and doing whatever surveys I can. This prevents me from feeling bored and also reduces survey fatigue.

For those who plan to start, I recommend signing up with around two to three survey sites first and gauge your own threshold from there. Once you are more comfortable, then slowly increase the number of survey sites.

Lastly, let me know your thoughts and experiences when it comes to doing surveys online. And if you do know of other easier methods to earn cash online do let me know too!

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  1. Hi there!
    I actually do surveys with multiple platforms during my free time too. Nice to meet a kindred spirit!
    I signed up with Toluna! I hope you reaped some benefits through the referral.

    Have you heard of Milieu? It takes a long time to earn $10 but I like how it allows me to contribute my earnings towards SPCA and Singapore Children’s Society. It also has polls which informs me about current affairs news in bite-sized bits. My referral code, if you are inclined (we both get 500 points when you finish 7 surveys)

    Download Milieu app
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