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Woohoo!!! This blog is finally up and running. Ever since going ‘live’ at the start of the new decade (yes that is a profound way of saying 2020), I have been thinking about what the first post of the blog should entail. After much contemplation/severe procrastination, perhaps a good way to start off would be to highlight the reason for starting this blog and what we hope to achieve with it. So yeap let’s get into it.

How it all started

I first thought of starting a blog when I was in my final year at university. To be honest, if you had told my younger self that I would develop an interest in writing, I would have laughed and said that you were insane. But I guess the various essays that I wrote for my assignments in university kind of cultivated that interest.

So with my newfound calling, I floated the idea of co-owning a blog to a very good friend of mine, who was also into investing. Him agreeing to my crazy idea was actually a pleasant surprise. This ultimately led to the creation of The Life Investors, a blog run by two average joe Singaporeans, which centres around topics relating to finance, health and personal reflections.

So…why start this blog at all?

The basis for this blog is simple, it will be a platform for us to share our experiences (both financially and personally). I wanted our experiences to be used as a catalyst for others to start investing in themselves. As the saying goes, You Only Live Once, so why not make it as interesting and fulfilling as possible?

Besides just sharing our experiences and self-reflection, I also wanted to simplify the topic of financial investing. I realised that many people often think of it as complex and scary. However, it does not always have to be the case. Yes, a certain amount of research and knowledge is needed but it’s not as daunting as people might think. Besides, I would argue that personal preservation and discipline are far more important than the knowledge itself.

In addition to just talking about financial investing, I also wanted to highlight the importance of investing in one’s physical and mental health. I feel that for whatever reasons, this is rarely talked about when it comes to the topic of investing. Hence, I hope that through this blog, more people would start to invest in both their health and wealth. After all, what is wealth if we are not able to healthily enjoy the benefits of it?

Lastly, in addition to the exchange of knowledge, blogging also allows me to hone my writing skills. Through this blog, I hope that my writing would improve in terms of sentence structuring, grammar and clarity. Whether this would be true…well I guess only time will tell. As such, I always welcome any sort of feedback with regards to my writing (just keep it civil ya).

So yeap, before I bore anyone to sleep, these are my main reasons for starting this blog. Now on to what I hope to achieve with this blog.

Aims of this blog

Before writing anything else in this section of my post, let me address the white elephant in the room.

Yes, I hope that this blog would be able to generate some income in the future.

However, I can tell you straight up that it is not the main motivation or intention. To me, knowing that this blog had positively impact someone’s life would give me a greater sense of accomplishment than any monetary gain.

With that statement, I suppose you can already guess what my aims for this blog are. They are really simple actually, which is to share what I know with my readers and hopefully inspire them to start investing in themselves. As you can see, the whole theme of investing in oneself is really prevalent, not just in this post, but also being a fundamental aspect of this blog.

On that note, I think it would be fitting to end this first post. Once again I hope that readers of this blog would enjoy reading our future posts. If not, don’t be afraid to leave comments and feedback!

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