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Rayson’s First Post!

and it’s the last day of 2020!

Been thinking about a particular concept of relativity, essentially the assigning of value to something when compared to another. I remember a time in secondary school, when I learnt that my father had $10,000 in his bank. It seemed like a lot of money to me and I was so happy, I shared this newfound knowledge with a good friend. I remember vividly, my friend telling me “Whose father doesn’t have $10,000 in his bank?”. The reply struck me and it got me thinking intently about the value of money since.

Today, depending on your current economic situation, status and level of commitment, $10,000 would probably feel very different. It does for me. After scrimping and being in the workforce for about 8 years, $10,000 don’t give me the wow factor as it did when I was in secondary school (I would still grab it if it falls from the sky). So, what changed?

The way I ascribed value to things that I have more than enough of – and it goes beyond the tangibles. My parent’s patience and generosity, the companionship and support from my peers, the economic stability and job security offered by my current job are some examples of the things that I have taken for granted and do not value it as much as I would like and I should have.

That is all in the past now (it’s still important to appreciate it!). Here comes the part, and aptly the day, where we look forward and set our New Year Resolutions. I will be working on these three areas:


Interestingly, a quick google search revealed that the word wealth came from the old English word “weal”, which is used to describe a state of well-being (think health and happiness) and prosperity. I’ve been fixated on the prosperity side of things and very much neglected what it means to pursue a more wholesome definition of wealth.

2021 will be the year I shift my focus away from investing in others (companies) to investing in myself. I don’t have more specifics to share as of now, but you may visualise it as a cleansing of the body, mind and soul. I hope to be able to share more with you as I formulate the plans.

Interpersonal Relationships

While I consider myself quite okay in managing finances and other things that favours the logical mind, I am a sucker when it comes to people-to-people relationships. I have a few traits that requires improvement which includes being too stubborn (at times), being too blunt and being too cynical.

These traits have in the past damage relations and I believe will continue to do so in future, or at least hinder the development of further bonds. I have been working on these, but the cynical part is especially challenging. I hope I can become better with time.

Personal Development

When I was younger, I love watching documentaries. I still watch them occasionally although Netflix has forcefully captured my attention. Coming back to documentaries, I came across this knowledge while watching the documentary “Inside the Living Body”.

As we grow and react with the environment, our brain forms new synapses connecting neurons with one another to retain these information. The synapses can later be strengthen or weaken depending on how frequently it is being used.

For me, the documentary visually encapsulates our learning capability. How we would want to exercise this capability is entirely dependent on our life purpose, passion and goals. In 2021, I’ll be spending some time playing catch up with the world – learning the functions of new tech and how to utilise them.

On the stock investing front, the current ecosystem is so much more developed with an abundance of information everywhere. I began my journey reading value-investing books borrowed from the National Library and this year, and as I reorganise my priorities, I thought it would be appropriate for me to return to my roots.

Before I close this post and the year to start a new chapter, it would be good for me to pen down some last thoughts.

I am afraid of putting my thoughts and ideas out in public for fear of ridicule. I lack the courage to face challenges that I am naturally weak at and will often choose to maneuver my way out with some wits and short-cuts. Conversely, I have been described to be a person that is self-driven with clear goals and one that is brimming with positivity. The point is, no one is entirely good or bad. And we have to learn to recognise this fact as such, especially for a cynical person like me.

The concept of Yin and Yang guides the duality and the interconnectedness of everything found in nature. This applies to our strength and weakness and how our habits and actions impact our lives and others. Underpinning all of our actions and their impact are our intent. Someone shared this with me this year, “as long as your intentions are pure, I’m sure Heavens will be on your side.”. Heavens in this case refers to the law of nature. It helps people like me, who can be intensely raging over perceived injustice or unfairness, to mellow our emotions and views.

This post has been largely self-serving, as writing helps me to organise my thoughts and putting it in public helps me commit to certain goals. At the same time, I also hope that sharing it will be of some help to some of you wherever we may be on our life’s journey. The journey can be tough but allow me to use an analogy to reflect on life’s meaning.

We awe at the sheer size and beauty of a mountain at its foot. As we ascend, the mountain’s magnificence disappears from our view but is gradually replaced with a view of the great expanse. The great expanse (that we were a part of before the ascend) and the mountain (that we were in awe of) did not change, our perspective did. As we all continue to pursue our personal summits, let us take a moment to embrace the bad, in people, in our circumstances and in us. Take another moment to cherish the good, in all that is happening around us. And then, let us all march on towards a better 2021.

Wishing you a Happy New Year 😊.

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